Today, with more than 32 residential settings, Medicaid Service Coordination, Community Habilitation, CBR Supported Employment and Jumpstart Early Intervention programs, Makor touches the lives of countless children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
We feel deep Hakoras Hatov to Makor Disability Services/ Women's League for the tremendous investment of resources that went into creating the Mill Basin house; we are privileged to be chosen as the recipients of this life changing opportunity. Through painstaking detailed and hard work, Disability Services/ Women's League has provided a pleasant well run apartment where with Hashem's help out daughter will make progress.
Nissan & Kayla Rosenthal
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I'm 10 years old, my father is a manager and works in Q.A., my mother writes grants. Sometimes I go with my father to work and it's hard to believe that it's an agency, there's such a homey environment and the staff are so caring. The kids are so happy and Makor is the agency that makes all these kids happy.
Nechama Leah Davis
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