With 750 employees in 32 sites, the experience, education and enthusiasm of our staff is why we have been accorded and continue to maintain NYS COMPASS status.
Elliot Brownstein
Elliot Brownstein
Executive Director
Elliot has spent 40 years at Makor DS /Women's League in variety of administrative capacities. He has extensive hands-on experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities for four decades. Elliot served as Program Director and most recently as Associate Director.
Tzally Seewald
Tzally Seewald
Tzally Seewald earned his M.A. from Columbia University, Teachers College. Before rejoining Makor, Tzally was the Director of Operations and COO of Chesed 24/7. Tzally brings with him a vast knowledge of OPWDD and other Medicaid funded services as we transition into the world of managed care.
Pinchus Lerner
Pinchus Lerner Ph.D.
clinical director
Pinchus Lerner, Ph.D., in his capacity of clinical director, supervises all clinical services at Makor DS and Jumpstart Early Intervention programs. Dr. Lerner is a licensed psychologist who earned a doctorate in clinical psychology at SUNY Buffalo in 1982.

He has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for close to four decades, and has been clinical director at Makor DS since 1982.
Stephen Glicksman
Stephen Glicksman Ph.D.
Stephen Glicksman, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Developmental Psychology from Yeshiva University (YU). He is a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey, as well as an adjunct associate professor at Yeshiva College and the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University. He serves as Makor's Director of Clinical Innovation and is the founder of the Makor College Experience at Yeshiva University. Dr. Glicksman is the Consultant Psychologist for the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI) in Lakewood, New Jersey. He has presented on the practices of Women's League Community Residences at numerous professional conferences and meetings, and has a private practice in Teaneck, New Jersey.
Jeanne Warman
Jeanne Warman
Executive Director Emeritus
Jeanne Warman completed her baccalaureate degree in France, her post-graduate studies in England, and later immigrated to the United States. Since giving birth to a severely brain damaged son (due to anoxia at birth), Jeanne has made it her life's mission to serve the developmentally disabled population by providing an ever expanding spectrum of services in a supportive and dignified manner.

In 1978 she founded Women's League Community Residences and opened its first group home for seven men with developmental disabilities.

Jeanne Warman is an Executive Board member of the Task Force on Families and Children at Risk, a member of the Interagency Council of MR/DD agencies, and a former member of OTSAR's Board of Directors. She developed and directed the Kingsborough Center for Human Potential and was chairwoman for the Brooklyn chapter of W ORC (Working Organizations for Retarded Children).
Brocha Leah Mendelovitz
Brocha Leah Mendelovitz
Brocha Leah Mendelovitz RN, has many years of nursing experience with pediatric and adults with developmental disabilities. Here at Makor she leads our team of outstanding nurses, as is the residence nurse for one of our boy's homes as well as one of our married supportive apartments.
Neil Weinstein
Neil Weinstein, LMSW
Neil Weinstein, LMSW, has been employed at Women's League since 1992. In that time he has held various important positions throughout the agency including service coordinator, job coach/counseling, and residence manager of WLCR's largest residential facility for adults who are non-ambulatory and medically frail.

In his current capacity as Area Clinical Coordinator, Mr. Weinstein oversees WLCR's apartment program for married couples with disabilities and is the co-director of the Community Habilitation program. He also provides clinical support to Creative Business Resources, WLCR's Supported Employment program.
Tzvi Werther
Tzvi Werther, LMHC
Tzvi Werther, LMHC, received his MA in Mental Health Counseling from Touro College in 2008 and earned licensure from the NY State Office of Professions shortly after. Mr. Werther, who began providing direct care services in WLCR's residential program in 1999, has been supervising Community Habilitation and Group Day Habilitation services since 2001.

Available throughout the 5 boros, Mr. Werther ensures that these programs focus on delivering services which are tailored to the needs and desires of the families and individuals being served in a manner that allows and encourages support, growth and independence.
Brenda Bark
Brenda Bark
Brenda Bark earned her BA in English and education from Brooklyn College as well as certification as an ESL teacher. She was Dean of the English and ESL Departments at SYRIT college, supervising and guiding teachers in those departments and developing the course structure. Ms. Bark heads the Human Resources Department, which is a central hub of activity at WLCR: it is where we find and hire new employees, develop careers, offer legal support and advice, and build continuing relationships with the incredible people who care for our service participants on a daily basis. With 750 employees in 32 sites, the experience, education and enthusiasm of our staff is why we have been accorded and continue to maintain NYS COMPASS status. Under Brenda's leadership, the HR department is committed to continuing the WLCR tradition of excellence.
Suri Sobel
Suri Sobel
Suri Sobel, CPA has been employed at Makor DS since 2001. Having graduated Touro College in 2000, Mrs. Sobel brings much education and professionalism to the accounting and payroll departments that she heads. She currently serves as controller of Makor DS, supervising all aspects of the accounting department and helping to ensure the integrity of the agency's fiscal infrastructure.
Carol Sufian
Carol Sufian
Chief Development Officer
Carol Sufian joined Makor in early 2017. With her past experience as a development officer and an Executive Director she has the in-depth knowledge of organizational structure. From her tool box- she uses social media to garner the attention and participation of younger donors. With new and innovative events she is committed to establishing and expanding Makor's profile and fundraising efforts.
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