Helping to Achieve in Today's Job Market
CBR (Creative Business Resources) Supported Employment Program is designed to assist adults with learning and/or developmental disabilities obtain and maintain jobs
Pre-vocational training which includes assessing capabilities and interests, career awareness, sharpening interviewing skills, and other skills building relevant to maintaining a satisfying employment position.

Our job development and placement services embrace an awareness that each person has different interests and concerns when seeking employment. At CBR we focus on identifying the individual´s strengths and abilities and attempt to find a matching position that meets his/her requirements.

Job Coaching - CBR provides on-site training to ensure that the employee knows exactly how to do all job tasks and that he becomes a productive member of his employer´s team.

Ongoing monitoring and serving as a liaison with supervisors. This ensures mutual satisfaction of both employer and employee.

We truly believe
a successful job placement begins at CBR!!

Suitable positions include light clerical work, warehousing, stocking shelves, messenger work, busboy, kitchen help, mail work, data entry, etc. Employers praise the reliability and trustworthiness of CBR employees who prove to be honest, eager to please and highly motivated to put in a full days work. At the same time, employees achieve increased self-esteem, improved socialization skills and the development of independence and responsibility that having a job and earning a paycheck provide.

To refer a prospective employee to CBR, to inform us about a suitable job opening or for more information about this unique program, please contact us directly.
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Ms. Perela Mayer
Program Coordinator
Phone: 718-853-0900 Ext.340
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