Finally, accepted to College
October 26, 20
Makor Disability Services believes that regardless of ability, everyone deserves to be respected, supported, and understood. Its services include residential homes, day hab programs, and supportive programming for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the core of it all lies a mission: to treat each resident like family and give them opportunities to reach their potential. For so many, college is the door to expanded horizons, discovered possibilities, and uncovered abilities. This door has always been closed to those with intellectual disabilities. All this changed when Dr. Stephen Glicksman, Director of Clinical Innovation at Makor Disability Services, approached Yeshiva University with a dream. ďLetís create a college experience for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,Ē he said. So, they did. The Makor College Experience is a three-year, non-degree program, located on Yeshiva Universityís campus. Itís a unique college experience created exclusively for young men with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The curriculum includes self-contained classes, community exploration, and career and life skills coaching. Students explore different career options by visiting job sites and consulting with Makorís staff members. The program offers vocational coaching and resume building to foster studentsí professionalism. Beyond academics, Yeshiva Universityís campus offers community. Students assume leadership positions, join daily minyanim, and participate in clubs. They discover passions across creative, academic, and social arenas. COVID-19 has been challenging, but the Makor College Experience continues! While undergraduate students will return to Yeshiva College after the Yomim Tovim, Makor returned to campus in September. With the proper precautions in place, the school year began in earnest. Makor College Experience students gain independent skills and career direction. They complete the program with a sense of accomplishment, empowered to succeed in their chosen field. Within Yeshiva Universityís trusted walls, given the aid of Makorís support staff, Makor College Experience students thrive. Makor Disability Services (previously known as Womenís League) is an organization committed to servicing those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For more information on the Makor College Experience, please contact Dr. Stephen Glicksman, Director of Clinical Innovation at Makor, at 347-390-1315 or

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