Meet Avi*

Avi lives in one of Makor's residential homes in Brooklyn. The Makor family wouldn't be complete without him, and we're excited for you to get to know him, so keep scrolling! #MeetAvi

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

In Avi's free time, you can find him...

  • Swimming in his home's therapeutic pool
  • Going on a walk
  • Visiting the zoo (pre-Corona - we hope to be back soon!)

Whenever you meet someone, pause and remember:

Everyone has unique challenges & blessings.

Everyone has an experience to share & a story to tell.

And everyone deserves to be met with respect & support.

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  • Hey Avi! You are very handsome! I love your hair! 😊 I love swimming too! It's one of my favorite ways to exercise. The Zoo is also a very fun place to go. What's your favorite animal? Mine is a Macaw! 🦜I hope you are doing well! Love, Missy! 💗🐰
  • Hi Avi,
    How are you? I also love going on walks! The zoo is so much fun! What's your favorite animal? I love the hippos and gorillas!
    Keep being amazing you and don't forget to smile : )
    Have a great day!
  • God loves you Avi, keep it up!
  • hey avi! whats doin? hows your day going? i saw that you love going to the zoo!! me too! i think animals are really cool and being able to see them at the zoo is awesome! have an amazing day avi!
    love, leah frank

About Makor

At Makor Disability Services, we’re committed to the philosophy that everyone - regardless of their level of ability - deserves to be met with understanding, support, and respect. We service individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by tailoring our care to fit their needs and providing them with the tools they need to maximize their potential.

We celebrate our residents’ strengths, and we champion their goals. And at the core of our many services is one mission: to care for each resident like we would our own family member. #MeetMakor

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