There are numerous employment opportunities at Makor Disabilty Services/Women's League within a wide spectrum of services and programs. Below is a listing of many of the positions at Makor Disabilty Services. If you are interested in pursuing employment at our agency, please contact the Human Resources Department by clicking here for further information on current openings.
Residence Manager
Assistant Manager
Shift Supervisor
Weekend Manager
Direct Support Professionals
Registered Nurse
Social Worker
Speech Therapist
Physical Therapist
Recreational Therapist
Program Director
Social Worker/Service Coordinator (bilingual a plus)
Administrative Personnel
Physical Therapist – home based services (bilingual a plus)
Speech Therapist –home based services (bilingual a plus)
Occupational Therapist – home based services (bilingual a plus)
Special Instructor – home based services (bilingual a plus?
Social Worker/Service Coordinator
Habilitation Supervisor
Habilitation Workers
(generally afternoon/evening hours in homes in the community)
Program Director
Job Developer
Job Coach
Administrative Personnel
Makor Disabilty Services offers an excellent, comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the diverse needs of our staff. Some benefits commence immediately on the first day of employment while others begin after three months or more of employment.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance (choice of plans)
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Leave time (holiday, sick and personal)
  • Vacation time
  • Short term disability insurance (0 to 6 months)
  • Long term disability insurance (3 months and more)
  • Workers' compensation
  • 403(b) retirement plan
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible cafeteria plan (tax free health care and dependent care)
  • Verizon cell phone discount
  • Commuter Metrocard plan
To apply for a position at Makor Disabilty Services, print out and complete the Application for Employment, and return it to the
Makor Disabilty Services Executive Offices at 1556 38th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Download Application Form
Makor Disabilty Services operates numerous programs and services that benefit the intellectually and developmentally challenged members of our community and their families. These programs are authorized and funded through various governmental agencies on the federal, state, and city levels. Makor Disabilty Services is committed to scrupulously adhering to all applicable laws, regulations and directives which address detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse in our healthcare programs.

The policies enumerated in our compliance plans apply to billing, payments, determinations of medical necessity, quality of care, governance, mandatory reporting, credential and license verification and any other risk areas identified by our agency. This compliance plan also enumerates policies which protect an employee's right to disclose improper practices of the Agency without fear of retaliation.

All Makor Disabilty Services employees are expected to comply with the Makor Disabilty Services code of conduct, including management and supervisory staff. The compliance plan also applies to members of the Board of Directors, volunteers, contractors and agents, throughout all programs operated by Makor Disabilty Services.
Corporate Compliance Plan HIPAA Privacy Notice Code of Conduct Agreement