Revised 02/01/2019

Training for Custodians of People with Special Needs


You are required by Women's League and OPWDD to read the materials contained in this packet and to sign the enclosed signature page attesting that you have read the contents and understand them. Review the sign sheet and reading materials and sign electronically below.

Why are you being asked to do this?

OPWDD requires that Direct Support Personnel or volunteers receive training in specific areas when they begin to provide services. OPWDD has enacted new regulations that require all employees receive initial and annual training. The mandated initial training attached include information on the following topics:

  1. 1. Principles of Human Growth and Development
  2. 2. Characteristics of the Persons Served
  3. 3. Rights & Responsibilities of Persons Receiving Services
  4. 4. Agency Mission
  5. 5. Promoting Relationships And Safe Environments ("PRAISE")
  6. 6. Abuse Prevention, Identification, Reporting, and Processing Abuse Allegations
  7. 7. Laws, Regulations and Policies/Procedures Governing Protection from Abuse
  8. 8. Incident and Abuse Reporting and Processing
  9. 9. The Agency's Safety and Security Procedures (Including Fire Safety)
  10. 10. Prevention of Circumstances that Would Result in Exposure to Body Substances Which Could Put Persons or Others at Significant Risk for HIV Infection
  11. 11. The Program for Managing Anyone Exposed to Significant Risk Body Substances During Circumstances Which Meet the Criteria for Significant Risk Contact
  12. 12. HIPAA, Corporate Compliance & Sexual Harassment Training
  13. 13. Choking Prevention, Level -1 (Note: Level - 2 may only be taken in-person with an approved trainer)

OPWDD also requires that all employees must have annual "refresher'' training on an ongoing basis to ensure that all employees and volunteers have been trained within a year of any working date. However, annual "refresher" training need only cover items 3- 9 of the items listed above. (You will be contacted about this in the future when it comes up).

The regulation also requires that all individuals who are newly employed or have recently become a volunteer have up to three months to receive initial training.

Re-cap of Instructions

  1. 1. Read the materials contained in the below PDF which includes the Training Sign Sheet and Annual Refresher Training Packet.
  2. 2. Fill in your printed name and signature at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, if you cannot understand any part of the contents, or if you want the content explained to you in another language, call your supervisor, or the QA office at:
Yitz Altusky 347-390-2253
Yechiel Davis 347-390-1222


I acknowledge that I have read and that I understand the information in the above Training Packet.

I acknowledge that I have read the attached sexual harassment training and agency policy and watched the required videos. I have taken the post sexual harassment training survey and will contact my supervisor if I have any questions.

I understand that I need to contact my supervisor if I have any questions about the content covered in the training package.