Makor Disability Services – until recently known as Women's League Community Residences
Makor Disability Services founded in 1978 is a lifespan service organization meeting the residential, therapeutic, social medical, developmental, and spiritual needs of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.


Makor Disability Services/Women’s League Community Residences is a professional organization committed to the philosophy that every person, regardless of his or her level of ability, must be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. It is our belief that every person with intellectual and developmental challenges should be afforded the opportunity to maximize his or her functional, social and intellectual potential. This is accomplished through appropriate, individualized, person-centered programming. In addition, each person should be living in an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth, understanding, and security that upholds the rights of each individual and provides developmental opportunities both individually and as a member of the community.
It is our belief that personal growth flows first from an improved sense of self worth, and that all programming must be formulated toward this goal of self actualization. All of Makor/WLCR’s service environments continually encourage service participant choice and expression.


On a cool autumn day in 1978, seven young men ended years of rejection, institutionalization, and uncertainty by rejoining their community of birth. A home for men with developmental disabilities had been built, and these seven 'pioneers' were its first residents. This was the beginning of Disability Services/ Women's League Community Residences.
Today, with more than 32 residential settings, Medicaid Service Coordination, Community Habilitation, CBR Supported Employment and Jumpstart Early Intervention programs, Disability Services/ Women's League touches the lives of countless children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

But the field of disabilities was not always so bright and encouraging. Back in 1958 when Jeanne Warman, Disability Services/ Women's League's founder and executive director, gave birth to a set of twin boys and was devastated to discover that one was severely brain damaged due to anoxia at birth, the future seemed very bleak indeed. At the time, individuals with disabilities were generally cared for in oversized institutions that, at best, tended only to their most basic physical needs and at worst, neglected and abused them.
In the early 1970s, news reporter Geraldo Rivera exposed the horrors of the Willowbrook institution on Staten Island, which fortunately resulted in its closing. A class action suit was brought on behalf of the residents, which ultimately led to the signing of the Willowbrook Consent Decree in 1975. This law mandated the deinstitutionalization process and proclaimed the rights of those with mental disabilities to live in their own communities of origin. And, where once "custodial care" was the order of the day, "normalization" was now the goal.

Voluntary agencies, such as N'shei Ahavas Chesed (Women's League for Community Services) with Jeanne Warman spearheading this ultimate "chesed" mission, came forward to develop facilities designed to address the needs of community families with members who were intellectually and developmentally challenged. Women's League Community Residences had been born, and as the saying goes, "the rest is history."
ApprovedOPWDD Compass ProviderOPWDD Compass Provider


The COMPASS Award is an initiative of the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) that recognizes agencies that have progressed beyond standard regulatory compliance and have achieved excellence in service delivery.

Currently, of the over 800 provider agencies in New York State, Makor Disability Services/WLCR is only one of three to have been awarded this honor.

As a COMPASS agency, Makor Disability Services commitment to the ideals of empowerment, person-centered planning, and continual quality improvement is recognized, supported, and celebrated. This distinction has been reaffirmed by OPWDD annually since WLCR was first named a COMPASS agency back in 2001 by former OPWDD Commissioner Thomas Maul. COMPASS agencies serve as models of excellence and incubators of innovation in supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.
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